• Ecuador
  • Galapagos Islands by boat


    Eight days of exploring seven islands, breathtaking scenery, and thousands of wild animals, aboard the Queen of Gálapagos. San Cristobál – Santa Fé – Santiago – Genovesa – Bartolomé – Rábida – Santza Cruz Filmed with a GoPro Hero4 Silver. Cred also to JukeDeck for their amazing AI music composer – creating royalty free and […]

  • Japan
  • Commune246 in Aoyama


    One of my top go-to-spots in Tokyo, both to sit around and work at during the day, grab an organic vegetarian meal for lunch or for exploring different craft beers during the evening. Commune246 is awesome, and it’s at the top of Omotesando for a limited time only. What are you waiting for? 246 –