39. Summer on the islands of Malta


This summer I was longing for warmth and sun after an unusually long, cold and dark winter in Stockholm. Our summer vacation choice fell on Malta, with it’s promising weather, colorful culture, long history and the fact that they have the Southern most capital of Europe, Valletta.

Malta is a typical Mediterranean vacation spot. Loads of restaurants serving fresh fish by the water side, local wines, bars with live music, snorkeling tours, palm trees and cold beer. With a population of only around 400 000 people it is a small country, with both English, Italian and Arabic heritage in it’s history.

We spent our days in the water, on the beach, sunbathing on cliffs and renting paddle boats to see the surroundings.

We also rented a car. During early hours on Sundays, the eastern fishing village of Marsaxlokk hosts the weekly fish market. On display around the harbor you’ll find the colorful Luzzu boats,┬átraditional Maltese fishing boats, floating about in the turquoise waters, just returning from their morning fishing tour
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The capital, Valletta, dates back hundreds of years and is considered to be one of the most impressive harbor cities in Europe. The whole city is listed as a Unesco world heritage site. We were told to visit by day, as the city falls still and silent during the evenings.malta2malta1 malta3

When on Malta. Go on a boat tour. We found the Catamaran “Spirit of Malta” to be the most ideal choice. Go snorkeling in the blue lagoon, see the islands of Comino and Gozo, and enjoy eight hours of sunbathing, swimming, music, open bar and people from all over the world.

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We stayed at a hotel in St. Julian, right next to St. George Bay. Great place to relax during the days.

malta19malta17But even better during the evenings.

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